Max Nichols


My portfolio in its fullest, ranging from birds to mammals to landscapes.



How I discovered photography, why I love it, and what I am involved in!



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Wildlife photography is my greatest passion. Some of my best memories are of being out in the field and in the presence of wildlife, whether it’s trekking across mudflats in search of Alaskan brown bears, or combing the abandoned fields and deserted backlots of my city in search of urban foxes. Photography allows me to capture these moments, to take a piece of that experience and relive it, and to share my love of conservation and preservation.



First and foremost, I am a storyteller. And in the end, photography is just a creative outlet to tell stories, capture moments, and inspire change. Writing is also one of my passions, a second tool to convey the importance of conservation and preservation, as well as a way to express myself.