Real Estate Photography


High-Resolution Imagery

All my images are captured on a professional 45 MP camera body with high-quality lenses, yielding incredibly sharp and high-resolution images.


Digital Enhancement

My Photoshop knowledge enables me to digitally augment my photography, anything from the removal of an ugly object, to foliage enhancement as shown below.



1500 sq. ft. and under — $65

1500-3000 square feet — $115

3000-4000 square feet — $150

4000-6000 square feet — $200

What You Get


For the prices shown above, you will receive a complete photo package:

  • high-resolution photos of your space’s interior and exterior

  • 4K slideshow

  • digital touchups on request*

    *(inclusive, with 2 free rounds of revision)


Why Me?


In today's visually-driven world, photography is more important than ever. A recent WSJ article shows that buyers spend 60% of their time looking at listing photos, and only 20% each on the listing and agent descriptions.

As such, high-quality photography is essential when it comes to selling your space. With my knowledge of shooting, editing, and lighting, in tandem with my state-of-the-art imaging gear, I am able to portray your space in a clean and appealing way.

In addition, I have been born and raised in Clovis. As a 17-year-old native, I bring a passion for my work to the table that you won’t find elsewhere.